Our Fibres

We take great pride in only selecting natural and high-quality fibres for our products. All of our yarns have been sourced exclusively from New Zealand.


Merino Wool

The merino fibre is the finest fibre in the world and is renowned for its natural elasticity, lustre, resilience, density, strength, warmth and softness.  It is because of those features it is the perfect fibre for our ultra-soft merino products.

Independent research undertaken by the Hohenstein Institute to assess thermophysiological comfort properties found that people using synthetic fibre blankets experienced undesirably higher body temperatures and irregular heartbeats, resulting in less comfortable and restful sleep compared to woollen blankets.

Pure New Wool

Pure New Wool is one of the world's most recognised textile symbols and represents your assurance of the finest quality and reliability.

​Only approved companies are licensed to use these marks in association with their products. Pure New Wool is naturally fire resistant, absorbs moisture, hard wearing, easy to clean, naturally insulates and helps regulate body temperatures.

Image by Johnstons of Elgin

Eco Possum Fur

The development of an eco-fibre blend combining merino fibre and possum fur has inspired the development of a new range of fabrics unique to New Zealand. 

Possum fur is extremely soft and warm, is low pilling and has exceptional thermal qualities due to its hollow-fibre construction. The fur is incredibly soft, resilient and non-static. All our possum pelts come from the South Island in New Zealand. A new possum fur trade began in 2000, with the hope to help save our threatened native species.

​It is advocated from all environmental groups such as; The Royal Forest & Bird Society, The Ecologic Foundation, and Greenpeace New Zealand.